Lumis events 2020

16 November 2020

Lumis is a pro-partnering sponsor at Clinical Operations Strategy Meeting, 16 November 2020

Organised by Proventa. To find out more and register, follow this link

10 September 2020

Effective Vendor Management Webinar, It takes two to Tango! 10 September 2020

Heike Schön and Dr. Christiane Juhls will be holding an interactive webinar on implementing an effective and efficient vendor management system. Our webinar will guide you on how to best select appropriate CROs and other vendors, how to effectively contract and manage vendors, develop risk-based assessments, measure vendor performance and create a relationship fostered upon trust and communication. To find out more and to register for free, follow this link.

5/6 February 2020

Lumis attends Outsourcing in clinical trials (OCT) Medical Devices Europe in Munich 5/6 February 2020

Lumis is organising a roundtable discussion moderated by Heike Schön on: Effective vendor selection and vendor management in clinical trials with Medical Devices: Outsourcing in Clinical Trials: Medical Devices Europe 2020 – Arena International

23 January 2020

Lumis attends BioBilanz on 23 January 2020 in Potsdam

More Info: BioBilanz 2020 | Cluster Gesundheitswirtschaft Berlin-Brandenburg