Lumis Webinars

Patients First! Decentralization – The (new) Clinical Trial Paradigm

Speakers: Heike Schön, Nancy Meyerson-Hess and Mika Lindroos (Signant Health)

Live Webinar: 27 January 2022

Smart Sponsor, Small Budget? Smart Outsourcing!

Speakers: Heike Schön, Christiane Juhls and Myrthe Trompert (Salvius Legal)

Live Webinar: 17 June 2021

KPIs – Your key to successful clinical trial oversight!

Speakers: Heike Schön, Christiane Juhls and Nancy Meyerson-Hess

Live Webinar: 29 April 2021

Effective Vendor Management

Speakers: Heike Schön and Christiane Juhls

Live Webinar: 10 September 2020

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