EU Legal Representative

  • For clinical trials in the EU, UK and Switzerland
  • Gain marketing authorisation
  • Obtain SME status at the EMA

Every sponsor conducting a clinical trial in the European Union without a registered office within the territory of the European Economic Area (EEA) is required to work with a legal representative located in one of the EEA countries, according to the EU Clinical Trial Regulation and the former EU Clinical Trial Directive.  This requirement applies to all clinical trials conducted to evaluate medicinal and/or pharmaceutical products as well as medical devices. 

Your EU legal representative for clinical trials

Your clinical gateway to Europe

As your EU legal representative in Europe and Switzerland, we act on your behalf in the event that legal proceedings are initiated and instituted within the EU/EEA and ensure that you comply with the EU Clinical trials Regulation 536/2014 and the former EU Clinical Trial Directive (2001/20/EC) and the Suisse Ordinance. Non-European companies need a legal representative when applying for the SME status at the European Medicines Agency EMA.

What we can do for you

  • Gain access into the European market

  • SME status to benefit from administrative, regulatory and financial support by the EMA

  • Fully represent your interests

  • Save costs through avoiding expensive implementation of your own subsidiaries

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Our expertise, your benefit

The Lumis International experts have profound knowledge of the legal and national requirements in the EU-market. We represent biopharmaceutical, biosimilar and medical device companies around the globe since 2013.

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    We look forward to being your EU legal representative!

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