LUMIS International provides reliable, highly qualified support to non-EU (bio)pharmaceutical and medical device companies wishing to perform a clinical trial in Europe and requiring legal representation services, consultation on how to launch their clinical trial in Europe, and support for their start-up activities such as selecting the appropriate vendors and providing advice on regulatory requirements:  “Your Clinical Gateway to Europe!


LUMIS International serves as the main gateway for clinical research in the European Union for non‑EU (bio)pharmaceutical and medical device companies while also providing legal representation services.  Thanks to its extensive expertise and comprehensive network, LUMIS International can procure the appropriate contacts, vendors, and regulatory information which are required for starting clinical trials in the EU without undue delays.

LUMIS International supports small to midsized companies in developing their innovative products within the EU in a cost and time effective manner.

Why Europe:
Europe provides the advantage of actively participating in the development of innovative products from all over the globe.